Seshat data, in machine-readable formats, will be made progressively available to the public to download and analyse on this page. However, we are still testing the data and software and are not yet ready to release the data for analysis. Check back here or follow us on social media for updates.

We ask that those who are interested in analyzing data wait until we release the data for analysis. In April 2017, we submitted an article that analyzes social complexity data for all 30 NGAs, and when the article is published we will make the data on which the analysis is based available for analysis to all.

If you don’t want to wait until that time and have ideas for statistical analysis, contact us and we will consider collaboration.

Data Releases

Date Download
2017-04-10 Web-release only - no downloads


This dataset is based on linked data and semantic web technologies. The semantic models that we used to build this dataset are available to the public to download and freely use.

Seshat Global History Databank Ontology

The Seshat Global History Databank ontology is designed to describe human societies throughout time. Download the Seshat Global History Databank Ontology.

Dacura Ontology

The Dacura ontology is the framework which describes the various objects modelled in Dacura. Download the Dacura Ontology.

XDD Ontology

The XDD ontology describes additional date and time properties. Download the XDD Ontology.